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Lil' Ranch Hands Daycare
"The next best thing to being home"


About Us


My Philosophy

My goals as a daycare provider is to have a secure, safe and happy environment where children feel comfortable while they are away from family and home. A learning environment were they have the tools to excel at their own pace and helping them to learn independence.

Instilling a respect for others and a feeling of self worth. I hope to contribute to the creativity, social and academic development of each child to make the time spent in my daycare a good and positive experience. Also a daycare where parents can bring their children and can go to work with full confidence that their children are safe, loved and well cared for.


My Qualifications

First Aid and CPR Certified
ECE (Early Childhood Education) certificate from Edmonds Community College
35 years home daycare provider/owner
3 years Childcare Program Director at Business
Proud mother of 2 great kids (39 & 35 years)
10 hours of ongoing training each year
Safe Sleep (taken yearly) Background Check Covid vaccinated


These are some of the on going Training and Child Care Classes I have taken:

Teaching with Color

Introduction to Signing

Designing Centers #3

Designing Centers #2

Designing Centers #1

Lunchtime is Learning Time

Movement, Music & More
Basic Child Develop: Toddler ll

Basic Child Develop: Toddler l

Communication Basics

Talking with Parents

Arts & Crafts Basic

Holiday Arts and Crafts #1

Holiday Arts and Crafts #2

Holiday Arts and Crafts #3

Steps to Nutrition
All About Me
Basic Child Develop: Preschool l

Basic Child Develop: Preschool ll

Basic Child Develop: School Age

Coping with a Crying Baby

Basic Behavior Management l

Basic Behavior Management ll

Basic Behavior Management lll
Basic Curriculum l

Basic Curriculum 11

Basic Curriculum 111

Basic Curriculum 1V

Basic Cleanliness

Common Illnesses: What to Do!

Basic Kitchen Sanitation

Feeding Children

General Nutrition

Disaster Preparedness

Playground Safety
Pocket charts and Wordwalls Play it Safe

Active play on a rainy day

Managing Behavior l

Managing Behavior ll

Managing Behavior lll

Cooking with care

ABCís of Menu Planning

Little Lungs Breathing


Once upon a time (Storytime)

Bulletin Boards & More



I serve 2 snacks (morning and afternoon) and lunch each day which is included in your fee. Snacks consist of fruits, crackers, breads, muffins of many varieties. Lunches consist of a meat (protein), bread, vegetables and/or fruits and milk as stated by the USDA food program.



Kristi has provided a wonderful childcare environment for my son. She is kind, encouraging and consistent. Kristi is organized, creative and entirely responsible. There just arenít enough words to describe what a blessing Kristi has been to my son and family


Lilí Ranch Hands is the closest thing to being home for sure! My son has been with Kristi for 2 years now and he not only has learned (and is still learning) all of the basic pre-school requirements, but he knows how to take his shoes off, uses his manners, shares and be responsible for his needs. Kristi works hard to instill independence starting at an early age, isnít that what we all want for our kids? Besides the fact that she is loving, nurturing and provides a fun/stimulating environment. Having Kristi in our lives makes our lives, as working parents, work!

Emily (teacher)

Kristi Koontz director of Lilí Ranch Hands Daycare, operates her business with great professionalism. My daughter arrives with a smile on her face and comes home happy. The amount of care she puts into making the kids safe and happy would make any parent feel secure in leaving their children in her care.


Thank goodness we found Lilí Ranch Hands! Putting our daughter in daycare was a difficult decision, but Kristi made us feel very comfortable. Riley, our daughter, loves all the projects, crafts, outdoor activities, trips to the park, and great toys at the daycare. Riley loves going to daycare to see all of her friends and Kristi, which makes us feel good!

Kristi Koontz, we feel, is without a doubt the best daycare provider around. We feel so blessed to have our daughter in her program. Kristi is creative, nurturing, kind, talented, and incredibly organized. Our daughter has been lovingly cared for by Kristi since 2001. Our niece and nephew were in her program starting back in l994. We feel fortunate to have known Kristi for many years. Our daughter loves her and looks forward to going to her home everyday. She has an amazing program which is child centered, it reflects their interest and motivates their cooperation and compassion for one another. She has a schedule that provides many opportunities for learning and playing throughout the day. The variety of materials, toys and art projects keep them excited, happy and proud of themselves. Kristi is an essential part of our team helping us raise a happy, well rounded, and loving child. We love Kristi and have recommended her to everyone we can.

Line (Elem. Teacher)

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